Where in the world is this wine region?

If you guessed Alsace, you are correct. Alsace is known for its extraordinary white wines and Riesling makes up much of the winemaking percentage – 21.7 percent to be exact.

While visiting a friend at Domaine Rieflé in Pfaffenheim, Alsace, I was lucky enough to experience the landscape firsthand while in a propeller plane. Being afraid of heights, all I could think at the time was how the photo taken of me posing next to the plane might be my last alive. However, once I got up in the air, I was taken aback by the region’s beautiful landscape and forgot how high up I was. I couldn’t hear a thing with that propeller turning, which really made me focus on my sense of sight. I could see for miles – town after town, vineyard after vineyard. What an amazing experience. ANUPA SIMON