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Angles Covered: Riesling vines are right at home on a slope in Mosel, Germany. Photo by Friedrich Petersdorff

Riesling is the most common varietal cultivated in Zell, a town in the Mosel, Germany. Zell’s 331 ha of vineyards makes it the second largest region in the Mosel, after Piesport.

Riesling is a source of endless fascination because the wines of this grape precisely reflect where they grew and who made them, making them more diverse than those of any other white wine grape.

Stuart Pigott, British wine critic

This variety is the unspoken, modest, spiritual leader of a wine lover’s palate. Riesling has immense confidence in its skills – cool and calculating, but playful and relaxed, never showing the full hand, even when the chips are down. It has spent many years as an outcast in society, but there has always been a hardened band of likeminded disciples keeping the fires burning. Matthew Jukes, The Wine Book: Change the Way You Think About Wine