Richie Roberts Riesling Lover

Richie Roberts loves Riesling. As winemaker at Fielding Estate Winery, it’s his favourite grape variety to work with and drink.

“It’s very versatile,” says the Beamsville based vintner, explaining that the grape is adaptable to a wide range of styles — everything from bone dry to sweet and sticky. “I especially love Riesling from here because you can keep that acidity in it… And using that acidity you can create very balanced wines. Very fresh wines.”

Riesling also offers versatility because of the different flavours derived from grapes grown at different sites, he added.

“It’s not a grape variety that requires a lot of manipulation in the cellar. It’s very pure,” says Roberts.

And the grape is well suited to growing in Niagara, flourishing in the region’s climate and mineral rich soils.

It consistently ripens, he says. “Every year in Niagara seems to be a great year for Riesling.” KELLY SCHWEITZER