‘Cue Applause: Riesling and roast chicken is only one of many magical matches for the versatile wine

Certain grape varieties go hand in hand with specific foods, but when you think of Riesling there isn’t one single dish that stands out. The possibilities are seemingly infinite.

By no means does this imply the versatile grape is your proverbial jack of all trades, master of none. In fact, it is quite the opposite. Riesling is capable of so many different wine styles, including but not limited to dry, semi-dry, sweet, sparkling, late harvest and Icewine, that it’s ideal for a countless pairings.

The choices are endless: fish, spicy foods, legumes, white meats, salads, pies, tarts and the list goes on. This former pigeonholed grape is breaking free of any pairing stereotypes, so go ahead and mix and match different styles of Riesling with your favourite meals. We’re sure one of them will match perfectly.