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“Riesling is rowing back. After years of repetition (especially by Jancis and me) that Riesling is the best white wine grape of all – or at least equal first with Chardonnay – it’s getting a grudging acceptance in a market super-saturated with Sauvignon Blanc.

What Rieslings are we buying, though? Not the crystal-pure, infinitely varied interpretations from its natural home, but strangely typecast versions from Australia, a slightly bizarre blend (or so it seems) of lime juice and kerosene.

Does the reason lie, perhaps, in the infinitely varied interpretations? ‘I thought it would be sweet’ is what I hear nine times out of 10 when I trick a friend (yes, it’s that bad) into tasting one of my favourites from the Mosel or Rhine.”

Hugh Johnson (Decanter Magazine, August 2010)

Riesling alone makes pure wine, innocent of oak, that precisely reflects its origin in a spectrum from flowery and feather-light through tense, dry, and mineral-laden, to unctuous and creamy to a piercing liquor like celestial marmalade. Hugh Johnson, Riesling Renaissance

Natural Wonder: Riesling best showcases the cool climate character of Canada

As Canadians gather to celebrate the Canada Day long weekend, many will consider what symbols truly represent this great country. Beavertails, loons, and the maple leaf come to mind immediately. However, Team VINES likes to think that fresh, crisp, fruit forward, homegrown Riesling should also count as a Canadian symbol of which we can all be proud.

Riesling is a true representation of its environment. As such, we are fortunate that there is a great white wine that represents the Great White North so well. Cool climates are its favourite place to grow and the vines are highly influenced by the elements that surround them.

So, as the Canada Day weekend comes to an end and we continue to celebrate our home and native land’s birthday, let us not forget the terroir that produces our favourite wines. So raise a glass and make a toast to the True North strong and free.