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Weis Man: Riesling superstar Nik Weis has made his family winery in the Mosel, St. Urbans-Hof, into one of Germany’s top estates

Leafing through pages from our archives, we uncovered a piece from our 2002 White Issue, when we spoke to Nik Weis, owner and winemaker of Weingut St. Urbans-Hof, about his philosophy.

[Riesling] is something that is different. It has the most wine character of all of the grapes in the world because it is fruity and it goes with a lot of food… Some wines stay the same, but Riesling changes so dramatically and it also changes the food. It’s a real adventure. Nik Weis, Owner & Winemaker, St. Urbans-Hof

Worlds Colliding: Vineland Estates 2009 St. Urban Riesling

It wasn’t surprising when Vineland Estates Winery swept the gold medals in both the dry and semi-dry Riesling categories at the recent Ontario Wine Awards. Their world-class Rieslings are created with elements of history and passion. Located on the Beamsville Bench, the St. Urban Vineyard is modelled after the St. Urban-Hof vineyard in Germany and was planted by its founder Hermann Weis.

Today, the winery is true to its roots and produces outstanding Rieslings in the Germanic style, including its flagship wine, Vineland Estates 2009 St. Urban Riesling ($19.95, 038117, With prominent citrus, green apple and mineral notes on the nose, this fresh and lively wine is well-balanced – the key to third-generation winemaker Brian Schmidt’s creations. The puckering mouthfeel is complemented with flavours of pear, peach and lime and has a long finish.

Try it with white fish, chicken or fresh summer salads. Better yet, if you love German Riesling and are gearing up for the Canada Day long weekend, grab a bottle and turn on the Euro Cup and experience the best of both worlds. ANDREA FUJARCZUK