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An inviting display on a hot summer day.

It’s a hot summer’s day and you just picked up a mouthwatering bottle of Riesling from your local liquor store. You’re itching to uncork it and enjoy its refreshing taste but there just isn’t the time to wait around while your bottle chills in the fridge. Luckily, you read this blog and prepared for the moment this should happen.

A great way to quicken the cooling process of your Riesling is through the convenience of ice cube trays. For those who are worried about your wine getting watered down, have no fear! You don’t have to use ice cubes – Riesling can freeze.

Like a child doing science experiments, I tried it out for myself. I used varying levels of the wine and different juice mixes in case Riesling didn’t freeze without being diluted. I experimented with carbonated water, berry soda, cranberry juice and green tea. And, to my surprise, after an overnight freeze all had successfully solidified. The office favourite was a blend ratio of one part mixed berry sparking fruit juice and three parts Riesling. I also found that a half and half ratio of these two mixed well enough to make a cocktail. To make a full ice cube tray, mix ½ cup of mixed berry sparking fruit juice and 1 ½ cups of Riesling. I added a drop of food colouring for some extra fun. ANUPA SIMON

*Keep in mind that Riesling ice cubes will not freeze to a hard state like your typical ice cube because of the alcohol content, however it is solid enough to lift out of the tray intact.

The say you never forget your first. It was a bottle of Hillebrand Estates Winery 1988 Riesling that turned me from casual consumer to bona fide grape nut. Something about that beguiling wine, with its I can’t believe it’s not Mosel Kabinett Gothic script font, made me a believer. Not just in wine, but in Canadian wine, Niagara wine… and in Riesling, the first grape that stole my breath and gave me butterflies.

Since then the variety that many consider the best in the world, myself included, has continued to live in the shadow cast by bestsellers Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc. Consumer surveys suggest that people think Riesling is too sweet or too fruity so they opt for a wine with less-residual sweetness like the aforementioned Big Three. I’m not sure I buy that logic entirely, especially as we watch Moscato sales climb.

Nevertheless, it’s clear that more education needs to be done to expose (and espouse) the diversity of styles that Riesling is capable of making — from dry wines with piercing acidity to honeyed dessert wines like late harvest or Icewines.

It’s also necessary to showcase the diversity of passionate individuals who are dedicated to making truly spellbinding Riesling around the world as well as those chefs, sommeliers and other advocates that want to elevate the best bottles to global attention.

That is what We Heart Riesling is all about. Over the course of the next 94 days, the team at VINES Magazine look to join the chorus of true believers who are supporting the Summer of Riesling and the 31 Days of German Riesling programs. We think Riesling expresses the pinnacle of winemaking, viticulture and wine appreciation. If you don’t see eye-to-eye with that we hope that you’ll check back often with an open mind. If you do? We hope we can capture a fraction of what made you lose your heart and mind to Riesling in the first place so that you may rediscover that magic again. CHRISTOPHER WATERS