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As the 31 days of German Riesling continue, we want to honour the country for its incredible grape. Germany dedicates a considerable amount of their vineyards to the crisp white, producing 61.4% ( of the world’s Riesling. No other country can come close to their production.

Next up is Australia (12.1%), followed by France (9.9%), the United States (4.9%), Austria (4.8%), New Zealand (2.5%) and Canada (1.3%).

Germany’s long-standing history with the fabulous grape and creative winemaking practices has rightfully given the country the reputation of being experts and ambassadors for the crisp white wine.

The country’s rocky soils, diverse vineyards and cool climate have produced some of our favourite bottles of Riesling and we hope you’ve embraced the Motherland and its wine queens just as much as we have. And if you haven’t then hurry up, there are only 11 days left in the 31 days of Germany Riesling!

Riesling: Best enjoyed with a few good laughs.

Nothing brings friends closer together than the sunshine, a couple magazines and a great bottle of chilled Riesling.

2027 Cellars‘ Kevin Panagapka says that Riesling is the shining star in Niagara. As an exciting young winemaker specializing in Riesling and other cool climate varieties, he would know.

94 reasons to love Riesling starting June 20

Inspired by the Summer of Riesling and the 31 Days of German Riesling promotion in July that shine the spotlight on the world’s greatest grape, the creative team at VINES is going public with our own passion. This site promises to be a 94-day lovefest for the grape, the wines it produces, the characters who make it and the delicious dishes that make it taste even better. We Heart Riesling! and so should you. The fun starts June 20.